Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, OGAWA Group

ĄResearch area: Theoretical condensed matter physics
ĄKeywords of research: Quantum theory of condensed matters, quantum optics, nonequilibrium statistical physics

ĄMembers:Tetsuo OGAWA (Professor), Taro NAGAO (Assistant Professor)

Ą Research contents
By OGAWA:We try to clarify theoretically dynamical/nonlinear responses of condensed matters and their spatiotemporal quantum dynamics, in particular, phenomena related to optically-excited states of quantum many-body systems, from both microscopic and phenomenological viewpoints. Condensed-matter theories to explain "nonlinearity" and "spatiotemporal evolution" are main targets. In other words, we study responses of coupled systems, where the fermionic (electronic) fields and the bosonic (photonic, phononic, excitonic, biexcitonic) fields are mutually interacting with each other. 
(1) Bosonization theory for a few exciton systems:
(2) Quantum dynamics of photoinduced phase transitions:
(3) Nonlinear optical responses of quantum many-body systems:
(4) Impurity-tunneling phenomena and material coherence in quantum solids

By NAGAO:Random matrix theory and its applications 
Fundamental study on the theory of random matrices and its applications to universal aspects of@quantum chaos, mesoscopic electronic systems and QCD lattice gauge theory. Research on@semiclassical energy level statistics and semiclassical electric conduction with an aim to understand the boundary area between classical and quantum theories.

Ą Purposes of research

To clarify properties of macroscopic condensed-matter systems with the best use of quantum@mechanics and statistical mechanics from a microscopic viewpoint.

Ą Facilities

Several workstations. Large-scale super-computer systems at Osaka Univ., Kyoto Univ., and@ISSP (Univ. of Tokyo) are also available.

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